Industrial Style Bathroom Hardware Set 24 Inch

Industrial Style Bathroom Hardware Set 24 Inch


  • Industrial bathroom hardware set 24 inch
  • Includes towel rack, robe hook and toilet paper holder
  • Black industrial finish that wont rust
  • Choose between 2 styles (straight or raised)
  • Comes in gift box, all hardware included

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Industrial Bathroom Hardware Set 24 Inch

From its bold and clear lines to its robust finish and practical design, industrial bathroom hardware set goes against the norm to give you simplistic and functional products that you can rely on. Our bathroom hardware set comprises a towel rack, hook and toilet paper holder that are made from durable materials and industrial components. Each bar is carefully crafted and topped with a cap to cover the screw and keeps your things safe.

Straight or Raised Style

You can choose between the two styles. Our package lets your set up either straight or raised style of bathroom set. Some people like straight lines, while others prefer see angles. You can set up towel bar and toilet paper holder as straight or raised style. Both are beautifully resemble the industrial look.

Easy Set Up

Our Bathroom hardware Set is the effortless DIY you always wanted to do. You can set up these items according to your preference and whatever suits your needs best. Do you have a habit of hanging your robe on the bathroom wall instead of the door, or perhaps you prefer if the towel rack was a little closer to the bathtub? With the PipeDekor bathroom hardware set, you can choose where each part is installed.

All Hardware Included

You can install all the items quickly and easily because we will provide everything, saving you a trip to the store. The package contains screws, mounting hardware, and anchors as well. Our set is also much cheaper than if you bought each item separately from your local home store. Not to mention, it’s so simple that you won’t have to play charges for installation either. Not only will you be adding an inventive theme to your bathroom, you’ll also be saving money.

You can set up this décor and hardware set to make things less chaotic in the bathroom. Are you tired of towels and robes hanging from awkward places or lying on the floor? By installing our eccentric Bathroom Hardware Set, you can keep everything at its place, without worrying about a mess.

Black Industrial Finish

All parts of the set are E-coated and grease-free, which means you will not be finding random stains on your towels, robes or clothes, anymore. Industrial bathroom hardware set is rust resistant.

Who says that the bathroom needs to be so plain? Their industrial look adds a pleasant aesthetic and their mismatched contrast will look good in any interior setting. It’s true that it doesn’t have that designer theme but you can rely on this bathroom hardware set to give you top-notch quality and performance because of its metal construction. You can hang robes, clothes, and towels in style with our imaginative designs. You will not have to deal with discoloration and corrosion, because our products are coated with a long-lasting finish to protect the color and design.

Heavy Duty

Our products are completely safe and durable; they can twice the weight that regular holders can, because of the robust design that includes four fixture screws instead of two.  Each bracket can hold up to 70lb in weight. This eliminates the risk of any bars falling out of place and hurting any pets or children. You can even adjust the height of the towel rack, paper holder and hooks to make them child-friendly.

Everyone knows that industrial-style décor is all the rage nowadays but most luxury brands are turning the minimalist look into a statement piece with a hefty price tag. With our nonconformist products, you can join the trend and have a home that’s complete with experimental and inspired décor; all at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Order your very own Industrial design Bathroom Hardware set today!



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