Industrial Style Robe Hooks 3 pcs

Industrial Style Robe And Towel Pipe Hooks

Industrial Style Robe Hooks 3 pcs



  • Metal Iron Pipe Robe Hooks 3 Pieces.
  • Measuring 3 inch High and 2.3 inch wide
  • Black Industrial Finish
  • Rust Resistant and perfect for humid areas
  • Made from 3/8 malleable fittings
  • Comes with gift box



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Industrial Style Robe Hooks 3 pcs

Introducing PipDekor’s all-new set of Industrial and Farmhouse Robe and Towel Hooks. These decorative industrial hooks have a repurposed appearance that makes them look reinvented from old pipes and fittings. It’s a true depiction of the industrial aesthetic. Here’s why you need a set like this in your home.

Organize Wall Hooks

You can organize each hook according to your own needs and preferences. You can say goodbye to robe and towel hook sets that are either too low or too high; because you can install these at any level you feel comfortable with. You can teach your kids to hang their coats by themselves by installing them in their room. We made sure that the hooks give off a pipe look, which can make any guest curious.

Heavy Duty

Unlike other hooks hooks, you often see at the supermarket, each one of our industrial hooks is extremely heavy duty. These hooks can hold twice the weight than regular ones do. Each hook is capable of holding up to 70lb of weight. The material is iron sturdy and made from malleable iron, which gives out a resourceful look.

Mess Free Bathroom

We know you’re tired of overcrowded coat racks and piles of towels lying on the bathroom floor. This set of farmhouse robe and towel hooks transform a mess into an organized bathroom. Cleaning up will be twice as easy when you have the right hooks to hang your clothes, towels, and robes from. With three robe and towel hooks, you won’t have any trouble managing a mess-free bathroom.

Versatile Use

Their inventive appearance makes them suitable for a number of settings; you can install these hooks on doors and other walls as well. In addition, your robe and towel hooks don’t lose their eccentric look for quite some time because of their long-wearing finish that protects from tarnish and discoloration.

Ready To Go

The set also includes everything you need for installation, so there won’t be a need to make an extra trip to your local home store.Every set comes with all the necessary mounting equipment that you need so you can rest assured that it’s safe to install.

Our set of three industrial hooks has a robust metal construction that allows long lasting performance. They’re very durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a while, and you won’t have trouble hanging a more than just a few clothes on each hook.

Compared to the options available off-the-shelf, our products look crafted rather than generic.

Black Industrial Finish

It’s black e-coated and is completely grease-free so you don’t have to worry about grease stains mysteriously appearing on your clothes.

Lucky for you, we have just the set you need to help your bathroom get that artistic, industrial look. Our industrial hooks set can be instaled within minutes, includes everything you need to set it up, and looks amazing as well. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home your very own Industrial Robe and Towel Hook set to give your home that imperfect and repurposed finish.


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